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HDFC Car Insurance Policy Buy Online 2023 – Policy Buy/Renew Car Insurance : Best To Way

HDFC Car Insurance Policy Buy Online 2023 – Policy Buy/Renew Car Insurance

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Comprehensive Car Insurance Online

Comprehensive car insurance gives your car much needed all rounded protection that gives you extensive coverage from a barrage of risks, this includes damages or loss arising due to natural calamities, theft, accidents, fires etc. Not just that, comprehensive insurance also gives you the added benefit of cover against third party liabilities. And if this isn’t enough it is customizable too and can be further enhanced with your choice of add-on covers that could range from zero depreciation cover to an emergency assistance cover. You can tailor the coverage of comprehensive car insurance as per your requirement in a cost effective manner.

What is Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Comprehensive car insurance is intended for private car owners looking for complete protection for their insured vehicle against all kinds of risks, such as accidents, theft, third party liabilities, natural calamities, etc. The policyholder gets compensated for repairing or replacing their car in case of total or partial loss or damage, by the insurance company. A comprehensive car insurance coverage includes both own damages cover as well as third party liabilities cover. Therefore, it also covers third party death, disability and property damage. This kind of insurance also offers a personal accident cover to the owner-driver of the car in case he/she gets injured or dies in a car accident.

Hdfc car insurance policy buy online 2023
Hdfc car insurance policy buy online 2023


Been in a car accident? Keep calm, we cover damages your car sustains in an accident.

Fire & Explosion

We won’t let a fire or an explosion burn your finances to ashes, be rest assured your car is covered.


Your car getting stolen could be your worst nightmare come true, but we ensure your peace of mind is not disrupted.


Calamities can wreak havoc and your car is not immune to them, but your finances are!

Personal Accident

Your safety is our priority, in case of injuries due to a car accident we cover your treatment charges.

Third Party Liability

We cover damages to a third party property or injuries sustained by a third party person through our third party insurance feature.

Benefits – Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

  • Not having a comprehensive insurance can leave you vulnerable to risks in turn causing huge financial losses.
  • No more fines as it includes third party liability cover which is mandatory as per the Motor Vehicle Act 1988.
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance gives complete protection for your car and peace of mind for you!
  • Comprehensive insurance is customizable with a range of add-on covers that cater to every car insurance need.

Supplement Your Comprehensive Car Insurance with a Choice of Add-ons’

Zero Depreciation Cover

Every year the value of a car depreciates but with zero depreciation cover, there are no depreciation cuts even when you make a claim, and you get the entire amount in your hands.

Return to Invoice

Love your car dearly? Give your car this add on cover and recover your invoice value back in case of theft or total damage to your car.

No Claim Bonus Protection

Made a claim, worried about your NCB discount? Don’t worry, this add on cover not only protects your No Claim Bonus earned so far, but also takes it to the next NCB slab earning you a significant discount on your premium.

Engine and Gear Box Protection

The engine is the heart of your car and it is crucial to ensure it is protected. This cover shields you from the financial losses incurred due to damage to your car engine.

Emergency Assistance Cover

We are here to offer you round-the-clock assistance to deal with any technical or mechanical breakdown issues of your car.

Downtime Protection

Car in the garage? This cover will help bear the expenses you would spend on cabs for your daily commute while your car is getting repaired.

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Comprehensive Car Insurance Vs. Third Party Car Insurance

Given a decision between an umbrella, gum boots and a parka versus a wobbly coat on a blustery day, what might you pick? You wouldn’t actually squint prior to noting that the previous is an undeniably more reasonable and safe other option. The topic of picking either a far reaching protection or an outsider cover for your vehicle is genuinely comparable. Settling on security against outsider liabilities just can leave you powerless against various dangers causing monetary misfortunes versus a 360 degree insurance for your vehicle with extensive vehicle protection. As yet contemplating? We assist you with gauging the upsides and downsides of both, HDFC Car Insurance.

Comprehensive Cover

  • Damage due to natural calamities – Earthquake, cyclone, floods etc.
  • Damage due to events like – Fire, theft, Vandalism etc.
  • Personal Accident Cover of Rs. 15 Lakhs
  • Choice of add-ons – Zero Depreciation, NCB Protect etc.
  • Damage to third party vehicle/ property
  • Injury to a third party person
  • No hefty fines levied if valid policy in place
  • Customization of car value

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How is Comprehensive Car Insurance Premium Calculated?

The vehicle insurance installment relies upon the inclusion of the arrangement and different factors, for example, vehicle’s make, model, variation, fuel type, RTO area, and so on. The charge for outsider vehicle protection plans is fixed by the IRDAI and it relies just upon the motor limit. Then again, the expense for independent own-harm and thorough vehicle protection plans is concluded by the insurance agency and fluctuates from the policyholder to policyholder. HDFC Car Insurance.

Why Should You Buy a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy?

Own damage cover :- Along with the mandatory third party liability cover, comprehensive car insurance also compensates for damages on the insured car due to theft, accident, fire, natural and manmade disasters, etc.

Cashless claim benefit :- Under this benefit, a policyholder can get the insured car repaired in an authorized network garage without paying anything from his/her pocket. This is because the repair bill is paid by the insurance company.

Add-on covers :- Buying a comprehensive car insurance policy gives you a chance of buying various additional covers at some extra premium amount to boost your policy coverage. Some of the add-ons are zero dep cover, tyre protect cover, engine protect cover, etc.

Personal accident cover :- A mandatory personal accident cover is also offered with a comprehensive car insurance policy. It provides compensation against the death or disability of the owner/driver of the insured car resulting from a car accident.

Who Ought to Purchase Exhaustive Vehicle Protection?

New Car Owners :- Buying a vehicle requires an enormous monetary venture, which makes it vital to shield it from a wide range of dangers. Consequently, it is fundamental that new vehicle proprietors ought to purchase a far reaching protection cover for their vehicle.

Avid Travellers :- In the event that you are a movement fan and love to drive your vehicle to better places and urban communities, an extensive engine insurance contract is an unquestionable necessity. It will watch you and your vehicle from any crises and will likewise give you the choice to benefit emergency aides cover as an extra.

People Staying in Metropolitan Cities :- Residents of metropolitan cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, etc. must have comprehensive insurance since they are subjected to never-ending traffic, pollution and frequent accidents as compared to smaller cities.

People Staying in High-Risk Areas :- There are few places which are more prone to accidents or dangers as compared to others. For example, landslides are common in mountainous areas. So, people staying in such areas should have a comprehensive car policy to keep their vehicles safe.

Expensive Car Owners :- Possessing an extravagance vehicle, for example, a BMW or Porsche, makes you stand apart as well as makes you an obvious objective for burglary. In the event that your costly vehicle gets taken or is harmed in a mishap, you will experience a lot greater and expensive misfortune than individuals with standard vehicles. In this manner, you should safeguard your extravagance buy under a complete vehicle insurance contract.

HDFC Car Insurance Policy Buy Online 2023

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